Persuasive Prose Analysis Essay

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Persuasive Prose Analysis After carefully reading the text many times I say that the topic of the text “Think: The teen brain, drugs & psychosis” is health and it is about the effects that drugs have on the brain of teenagers. The genre of the text is article in a magazine that has as a purpose to advertise medical cover. The readers would possible be members of Momentum Health, magazine subscribers and parents as the text uses phrases as ‘protect your child’ referring to parents, and ‘benefit guide’ refers to the subscribers of the magazine that I imply that they might receive the monthly Magazine issue as well as the term ‘medical scheme cover’ is referring to the members of the medical aid that sponsor the magazine. The title “Think: The teen brain, drugs &…show more content…
The linguistic features I found were: verbs, emotive language, pronouns, repetition, synonyms, idioms, metaphor, imagery, rhetorical question, connotations, metaphor and slang. When the author uses the phrases: ‘set an example’, ‘don’t ask your child to hand you your cigarettes or alcoholic drinks’, the verbs were used to command an action and the pronouns used also in these example ‘protect your child’ were to win the reader´s emotion and to address the reader directly to create a personal connection trough an informal yet serious text. I also presumed that text was informal because of the use of slang to make readers to understand the matter in a simple way instead of using many terminological words. In the text I could identify a few examples such as ‘smoking pot’; ‘tik’ and
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