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An Essay on Physical Culture The ancient Greeks, who planned their life on a scientific basis, imparted their education in gymnasiums. They realized that a sound mind could only grow up in a sound body. A weak constitution means an enfeebled intellect Plato regarded the body beautiful which is another name for physical harmony-as an index and expression of a harmonious mind. So, build up your body if you want to build up your mind – that was their slogan. It is a good thing that in our country we are gradually realizing this, and we regard a gymnasium as the one thing needful in every one of our educational institutions. It is too much to say that we have become completely gymnasium-minded. But the first steps have been taken: schools and…show more content…
There are some who take to physical culture only to acquire extra-strong muscles and extraordinary powers of physical endurance. In this effort many ruin their health by imposing too great a strain on a particular part of the body. The body is a harmonious structure. It cannot be the object of any real culture to develop on part of the body at the expense of the others. The majority of us wish to be something better than mere showmen at circuses. A regular course of training under a competent teacher is all that is necessary, and by following this we will make our body what it is meant to be – the temple of the soul. It is a good idea if the University makes the examination of health a part of its annual examinations. Unless a student passes a minimum test in health, he should not be allowed to pass out, be he ever so good on the purely academic side. At least his pass certificate should be held back until he passes the physical test within a period-say, of six months. A valid objection to this may well be that lack of nutrition goes with poverty. The state should consider this and subsidies a nutritious fare free of cost. After all investment in national health is the only worthwhile
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