Physical Development In Middle Childhood

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To describe physical development in middle childhood, there are many characteristics including physical growth of the body and the brain. The physical growth includes weight and height. The average female and male child in the age bracket between 6 – 11 years old, gains around 2-3 kilograms, while the height increase is an average of 4-7 centimeters per year (National Center for Health Statistics, as cited in Santrock, 2011). The weight increase is due to the increase of some body organs, the skeleton and the muscular system (Santrock, 2011). In relation to the muscular system, it is stated in Santrock (2011), that children in middle childhood strength capacity doubles as the muscle tone develops and takes over from the loose movement in early childhood. The strength increase is mainly because of exercise and heredity (Santrock, 2011). As the physical appearance of the child changes and develops so does the brain. Sotardi (2018), expresses that there is a…show more content…
It also increases sensitivity in terms of touch. Between the ages of 3 to 15 years old, children’s brains develop with bursts of growth, that are rapid. These changes and growth in the brain are dramatic and distinct. (Gogtay & Thompson 2010; Thompson & others, 2000, as cited in, Santrock 2011). As the brain and appearance of the child develop, so does their motor skills. Children seem to have moderately mastered their fine motor skills and are learning slowly to develop more of their gross motor skills (Sotardi, 2018). In connection to motor skills Santrock (2011), explains that in middle childhood their eye-hand coordination improves and develops throughout the years, which leads to gaining stable motor skills. In conclusion, two key aspects of physical development are the physical growth of the body and the brain. Without these characteristics occurring or developing properly, it would impact on the development of the
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