Examples Of Plagiarism In The Odyssey

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It has been commonly said that heroes are not born naturally; instead, heroes emerge in times of hardship or in the face of adversity. A hero is someone who is deeply valued in every culture, but what traits define a hero? A person can be a hero if he is courageous, going beyond or where no one dares to go. A hero may be brave, possesses great strength, and rises to the occasion to overcome immense obstacles for the love of others. Perhaps it is his wit or their ability to get out of trouble that makes them a …show more content…

He is praised by the Goddess Athena through a conversation with Telemachus, "Your father had no equal for cunning, and very few for strength and skill in battle” (pg. 8) In other words, he is witty and has great strength. These two ideals were put to good use when Odysseus and his men were trapped in the cavern of the Cyclops Polyphemus. To save them, he devised an ingenious escape plan. He got Polyphemus drunk and stabbed him in the eye at the right moment. He then tricked the Cyclops into thinking that “Nobody”, not himself Odysseus, poked his eye. “Nobody is attacking me,” cried the Cyclops (pg 104). This heroic effort allowed his men to escape undetected. Having wit, strength, and courage helped Odysseus escape an unfortunate situation and his skill made even the gods applaud him. Having these traits as a hero is important because it makes escaping dangerous escalations easier and it helps a hero gain success with less

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