Plan On A Vacation Analysis

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How to plan on your vacation. At present, when you have a long vacation, Most of people like to go travel or go outside their home. Therefore, you need a plan for trip go well. When you go travel, it make you feel relax and happy. Therefore, the things that you need are date, place and money. The first thing that you need for your trip is "money" because money is very important that make you trip can go and you can't go if you don't have enough money.You have to check your budget first. How much you have to pay for expenses such as hotel, meals, transportation, shopping and another things. Travelers must be think about how much money that you have to take. For example, hotel charge you have to decide about the price each…show more content…
You can't go if you don't have it. It's a destination or place. At first, you select your destination on internet. ( If you don't have much money, just go in domestic. If you have lot of money, abroad is a good idea for you. Before you choose the country or place, don't forget to check season in that destination. For example, on summer you should go to the beach or the country that have a good weather. Not too hot and not too cool. If rainy season isn't a good idea for travel. Especially, on the mountain or the island. Next, you must to find hotel in your destination. Depend on people and life style. When you book the hotel sometime you have to pay all of the price but sometime you just pay half of the price for confirm and when you arrive hotel, you will pay the other half. Moreover, sometime you don't must to pay, just wait you arrive hotel and pay all of price. Don't forget to check the date the correct or not. Last one, how to go to your destination. If you go abroad, you need only the plane. Therefore, you have to book 2 way tickets and check how to take the train or bus to go to your destination. However, travel in domestic is easier. You have 2 ways for choose first way is go to destination by your own car second way is go to destination by plane. If you go to destination by car, it isn't a problem. If you go to destination by plane, it's a good idea because it isn't waste your time. Therefore, you have to book the ticket and rent the car when you arrive

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