Examples Of Plot Twist

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Have you ever been so sure about a certain ending of a story and then the narrator turns everything upside down in a blink of an eye? Then, you have certainly tasted the purest form of fiction’s beauty, which is the “plot twist”. Plot twists are those sudden unexpected turns in the stories that reveal significant details beyond them; some of the plot twists can be foreshadowed by several hints throughout the story, while others are totally unexpectable. Among numerous fiction stories, there are three particular stories that have their unique and remarkable plot twists; the stories are “The Blue Cross” by G.K. Chesterton, “The Fasting-Artist” by Franz Kafka, and “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant. These stories deliver various notable life…show more content…
While leaving those traces, Father Brown was realizing that Flambeau is actually a suspect and not a priest as he claims as he did not want to draw attention or get noticed by anyone throughout their journey; in addition, Father Brown noticed Flambeau’s “spiked bracelet” that gave him a gangster’s look as it was viewable through Flambeau’s sleeve. The deadly strike that fully uncovered Flambeau is when he argued with Father Brown against reason, which is not what true priests do; he then reveals himself as the thief he is. Flambeau then asks for the blue cross, which Father Brown refuses to give; after that, Flambeau starts bragging that he had stolen the blue cross by switching Father Brown’s parcel with a fake one. Father Brown shocks him by saying that he noticed the switch, retrieved back his cross, and shipped it safely to Westminster while Flambeau was thinking that he was fooling Father Brown all the time. Flambeau
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