Application Of Politeness Theory In Hedda Gabler

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2.1. Application of Politeness Theory on the English Play "Hedda Gabler" Politeness theory has been clearly observable in this play, many examples can support that the characters have made use of face threatening acts as well as negative and positive politeness during their discourses. By analyzing Hedda's utterances, it is clear that she employs FTAs towards both negative and positive faces of the hearer who is involved with her in the same conversation. Hedda's words when she says "So early a call! That is kind of you" (Act1, P.30) seem to be normal but by analyzing the situation the truth is that she is showing disapproval of Miss Teasman, which is a FTA towards the H's positive face. However, she tries to minimize it by making use of positive politeness by being on record through using redressive action. This highlights the theme of the play as it shows how this woman manipulates and uses words in a way that is different from what she intends to deliver in order to get some certain goal in her mind.…show more content…
This is a FTA towards H's positive face as she is showing no care about his feelings so she does not care about his face wants, which shows the miserable husband-wife relationship between them as she does not love him but this marriage had the form of a deal as she married him not out of love but because she had to marry, this highlights the mentality of the society at that time when women are treated as nothing but wives and mothers and it is a must to be
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