Examples Of Political Socialization

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Political Socialization Family My family has played a big role in my political views. My parents are both registered Republicans and in the most recent presidential election my dad voted Trump even though he didn't like him very much. He said that Trump was the lesser of the two evils. My mom voted McMullin mostly because she couldn't bring herself to vote for Trump. Voting for Hillary was out of the question for both my parents for various different reasons. We speak about politics a fair amount, probably around once or twice a week. Them both being Republicans has, I’m sure, influenced me to be biased toward being Republican. However, I have evaluated both the Republican and Democrat parties and personally feel more aligned with the views proffered by the Republican party. 2. Religion …show more content…

Gender Since I am boy and have never felt at a disadvantage in society like some girls say they experience, I am not a feminist, which typically is associated with Democrats. In recent times girls are more likely to be more left-wing than males. 4. Schooling and Information I have done all my schooling thus far in Utah county, which is one of the most Republican counties in one of the most republican states in America. I have been, therefore, surrounded by Republicans since I was a child. I have, off the top of my head, only two or three friends that are firmly liberal. In addition, most of my teachers in middle and high school have been Republican, giving their lessons a subtle, possibly unconscious bias. 5. Social Class We are a very middle class family. My dad is a high school teacher and my mom stays at home and takes care of my little siblings. As I’m sure Mr. Morrell knows, teachers aren't paid a ton. Luckily, my parents are very smart with money and we get by comfortably. If we were lower class I’m sure sure I’d be more likely to be Democrats, as the left is more motivated to take care of all in poverty and very generous with welfare. 6. Race and

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