Examples Of Political Socialization

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Political socialization is something that applies to every single person in the united states but today i 'm going to be looking at my political socialization. The political party that I agree with mostly and the one I would register with for voting is the Republican party. The main three political socializations that apply to are family, media, age. Im also going to be discuss how I believe my views will transform over many years of my life. There are many different political socialization that people have but these are the main ones for me. The first political socialization i 'm going to talk about that I applies to me is family. The ways that family affects my political socialization are through members of family like my uncle and my dad. These individuals have influenced me through their jobs and the way they carry themselves, for example my dad owns his own restaurant and is a successful hard working person. I idolize my dad and hope to one day become even more successful than him and own my own business. This has pushed me to believing more of the ideas of the Republican party which makes sense since the Republican party tends to be white Business owning americans. Also my uncle is a business owner who i 've always loved to spend time which leads me to looking up to him, pushing me even farther to agreeing with the Republican party. These were how my family influenced my political socializations Another factor of my political socialization is the media. The
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