Popular Clothing Styles Essay

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The Popular Clothing Styles
Fashion is one of the aspects of clothing. The clothing people wear should define their personality and identity. According to study.com, “fashion is clothing that becomes a trend, which tends to reflect a behavior, mindset, or circumstance.” There are odd fashion trends all over history, telling a story about the people of that time and culture. This states that there are different clothing styles that are categorize on different types people based on their similar personality and/or personal style. Styles could say that a person is for example a hipster, gothic, hype, and etc, that categorizes the person from different varieties of personalities and kinds of people from their fashion.
Trends are clothes that have been popularized through out different timelines from different style of society and settings.(Brassfield, 2008). A fashion trend occurs when others mimic or emulate this clothing style. Trends in fashion vary greatly within a society over time and are also affected by age,
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Moreover, the type of clothing an individual wears can determine the behaviour one wants to portray and likewise give one a sense of identifying and belonging to one’s self. Clothing practices were implied to be “a very personal and emotional issue to an individual and a very important means to define, refine or enhance one’s self-esteem,” Kwon (1991). As reported by the same author, if the type of clothing an individual wears is something that one feels good wearing, then it can be used to boost one’s self-concept, especially if one had a negative perception about oneself prior to wearing such

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