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What is popular music? Our music class began with this question. Most people know what popular music is and, also they can give an example of popular music such as Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, girls generation, and so on. Students gave a lot of various examples in the first class since popular music cannot described in one word. Search popular music on Google and the, dictionary demonstrates that the term popular music is extremely vague, covering a wide field of musical endeavor and ranging over a long period of time. I think popular music has become most influential to individuals and communities, and it can be roughly categorized into two definitions such as consumer and audience.
Everyone has their own aspect in various types of music. No matter what age or feeling, people in the world listen to the music. For example, babies can listen to music and at least they can shake their body even though they cannot fully understand music. Another example is, people are listening to music even when they do not feel like to.
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People in the world do not know where Korea is or they do not even know “South Korea” instead of knowing “North Korea.” I am glad that people in the world know “South Korea” through K-pop. Also they visit Korea many times, and they like to know culture or language. However, people who have bad emotions, they like to make business through using K-pop negatively. I do not mean that they cannot use K-pop as industry, but at least they do not use it as negatively. In Korea, the artists just try to look good to the public, not showing their own character. For example, if we see Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, their music style and flow of lyrics are different than K-pop and they have their own structures, but still they are the pop stars on the Billboard chart. I know Korean artists want to be involved in popular music, but they do not have to copy people. This problem show Korea music

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