Examples Of Positivity In Walter Dean Myers's 'Monster'

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Steve believes that he is a monster. He dislikes being on trial and does not want to be in jail anymore. The book Monster was written by Walter Dean Myers. He wrote about a boy named Steve Harmon. Steve has been put in jail for felony murder, later on he gets put on trial. Throughout the trial Steve loses his positivity, and he becomes very negative towards the whole trial because of the oppressive nature of his environment. Steve becomes negative and loses hope of ever getting out.
Throughout the book Monster, Steve becomes negative and hopeless, and and starts to dislike his life. During the book, Steve expressed in one of his journal entries, “I am maybe on the verge of losing my life, or the life I used to have” (Myers 203). Therefore, Steve is showing negativity. He is using a negative derogatory towards himself and the life he is living, or at least for the time being. Steve also shows signs of being negative by writing in his notes, “I wanted to be away from this place” (Myers 130). He hates jail and he does not want to be there anymore. …show more content…

Steve has put on trial for felony murder, a crime in which he insists he did not commit. He has lost all but one of his possessions, his journal. In this journal steve writes about his experience in jail and what happens on trial in the courtroom. He formats it into a movie script, with the occasional notes pages, and titles it Monster. In the book Monster, by Walter Dean Myers, he writes about a young man named Steve, he is a sixteen year old African American who has been put on trial. Steve believes that he is a monster, he dislikes his life, at the moment, and being on trial does not help with the fact that his self esteem is low. Steve Harmon does not want to be in jail anymore, he wants to be

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