Examples Of Poverty In Japan

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Paper 3 – Sustainable Developmental Goal – Poverty in Japan
Vincent Signorile
Monmouth University
April 3, 2018
PS-281 01
Professor Sarsar

Goal 1: End Poverty in all forms everywhere – Poverty in Japan Poverty has become a big issue in Japan over the years. The poverty that is occurring in Japan is quiet and not well known throughout the world. One of the many terrible aspects of this situation is that child poverty in Japan is rising. “An estimated 3.5 million Japanese children – or one in six of those aged up to 17 – are from households classed as experiencing relative poverty, defined by the OECD as those with incomes at or below half the median national disposable income” (McCurry, 2017, P. 1). The fact that 3.5 million
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“Of the 3.5 million children who are eligible for state support, only 200,000 actually receive any – a low take-up rate that campaigners blame on the stigma attached to living on social security” (McCurry, 2017, P. 1). That means that roughly fewer than 6% of the children eligible for state support are actually receiving anything. There needs to be more children getting support. They need a chance to get off the poverty line in the long run and it is impossible for these children to grow up to be successful if they are not receiving any type of help when they are…show more content…
1). This is not acceptable, because by not facing realities, it made the poverty issue in Japan worse, therefore increasing every year. The problem escalated because the higher ups in Japans refused to do their jobs and do something about the poverty issue before the situation got worse. Another resident of Japan said that “when her daughter needed $700 to buy school uniforms on entering high school last year, a common requirement here, she saved for it by cutting back to two meals a day” (Fackler, 2010, P. 1). The fact that a mother had to save up money by not eating certain meals each day shows just how bad poverty has become in Japan. Japan has not done nearly enough internally to help stop poverty in its

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