Examples Of Poverty In Movies

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In the movies that have Utopian society’s like: “Gattaca”, “The Giver”, or “Divergent”. We discover a story line of a perfected society until someone starts to question everything, and soon there is an act of rebellion and war breaks loose. This is only an example of what happens in the movies. These movies act as a warning as to what may happen in or world had no problems. Poverty is one of those issues that seems we can never seem to solve. But what could happen if poverty and any other problem that connects to it, may be solved? Donella Meadows, a project for changes in systems, once asked what the world would be like if world hunger, a major factor in poverty, were to be ended completely. The responses were just as expected. “There would…show more content…
The problem is worldwide so of course it’s going to take years to end. The issue would be solved, but what would happen after? Could the solving of one problem, lead to even more problems that may take just as much time to resolve? If you were to think about it as I do, poverty is like a tool that controls the population. It sounds very sinister for me to even think about that, but it is true. Research shows that developing countries that have invested in family planning, smaller families and slower population growth have achieved higher productivity, more savings and more productive investment (IrishTimes). With little population comes stronger economic. This results in a chance for the poor to become part of the middle class that countries like the United States and Great Britain have. Poverty of course is a bad thing, but it can help control our population, that is also a whole other issue. Abortion too, is also very sinister and most people do not agree with it, but it does help the population. The ending of poverty would result in a huge accomplishment, but it wouldn’t result in the end of feeling poor. Income is a total difference, there’s the first class, middle class, and the third class. Obviously the first class is the richest, the middle class is well, the middle class, and the third class is making money to get by. If

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