Examples Of Power In Animal Farm

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Everyone perceives power differently. Some might say, power is the ability to control others, others might say, power is when you can influence others around you and such. The book Marked by Steve Ross and Animal Farm by George Orwell perfectly portray power in a unique, interesting way that will change your perspective about power. Marked is a graphic novel, which is a retelling of the Gospel of Mark in a modern way, while Animal Farm is a fable that is a satire of the Russian Revolution. In Marked, power is represented mostly through the graphics of the novel and camera angles, while in Animal Farm, power is represented through the use of language. Both authors show that power can be obtained in many different ways and can be used to corrupt or build up others, depending on how we use our power. Language is power. Without language, a person might not gain power. By the use of language, we can influence, direct, oppress, and manipulate others. Animal Farm discusses on how power is obtained through language and its correlation with education, class structure, and human nature. Some of the animals in the farm are more educated and literate than others, and this creates a class division among them. The smarter ones, such as the pigs, are considered as the higher-class animals and the less educated ones, such as the horses, are considered as the lower-class animals. As a result, the higher-class animals ruled the lower-class animals by managing the farm’s affairs. Because
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