Examples Of Power In Frankenstein

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The idea of power is one of the most blatant aspects from start to end of Frankenstein. Power within the novel is the most obvious as well as the most interesting because power can come from many perspectives. The power is in Victor Frankenstein’s hands. He is the character that creates the creature. By doing so, Victor goes against true nature. Victor takes on the role of God by creating this whole new man-made life. In the book Victor says "I had worked hard for nearly two years, for the purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body." This shows how willing he is to look for possibilities so he can be praised for his creations and he found findings. Victor has a wild goal that is creating a new life. The fact he wants to manipulate and …show more content…

The determination of power comes from the people that surround him at university. M.Waldman is what Victor wants to become; Victor is very envious of his power and knowledge. “In a thousand ways he smoothed me for the path of knowledge.” This informs the reader that he looks up to M.Walmanas. Power within the characters reverses throughout. The Creature learns everything on his own with the help of a few books. Victor does not stay with the Creature to help teach him right from wrong, this is why I believe the Creature basically snapped and made some horrific choices and mistakes. Not only does the Creatures’ pattern of uncontrolled rage come from Victor but from society around him as a whole. People did not treat the Creature normally, just as expected. The Creature wants love and companionship, because he did not have a companion in Victor but then again, Victor would not create another Creature as a companion to the original creature because he was worried about if they started their own species. The Creature tells the reader what caused him to snap and start a violent streak. "I am malicious because I am

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