Examples Of Powerlessness In The Crucible

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What determines who is powerful and who is powerless in a society? Is the concept of power accessible to everyone or just certain individuals who possess incumbent resources? According to the Cambridge English dictionary, power is defined as the ability or right to control people and events, or to influence the way people act or think in important ways. Many people in modern society strive to reach an overall powerful status amongst others, for this is evident in the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller. In certain instances, there are even different branches of the notion. For example, a teacher having control over a student is not equivalent to the control the United States government has over its citizens. Nevertheless, everyone has their own ideas of what power can do and how it affects a group of people, but what exactly determines who is powerless and who is not? The factors that determine power in modern society are authority, affluence, and fright.…show more content…
As a case in point, in the Crucible a character in power, Thomas Putnam manipulated the Salem Witch Trials in such a way that allowed him to gain more land. In another scene, Abigail breaks into her uncle’s lockbox and purloins his funds. Why do people crave money to the point of stealing it? Could it be that power is often associated with affluence? To put it in perspective, it certainly is not the people who are starving on the streets with no food to eat have power in society, in fact they are looked down on. Would they be what one would could consider powerless? Even well known leaders in the United States have sufficient funds. “American politicians spent a colossal $4 billion for this year's presidential and congressional races...big spenders tended to win” (USA Politics). In conclusion, money can easily affect the influence, status, and opportunities available when dealing with large groups of

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