Karl Marx Contradictions

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Preconditions and Contradictions of a Capitalist Society

According to Karl Marx, the revolutionist and sociologist, there are preconditions as well as contradictions in a capitalist society. In this essay there will be the identifying, defining and the discussion of key concepts as discussed in the Tutorials and in the module of the course as Sociology. There will be discussed who Karl Marx was, the influences in his life, the theory he studies named Marxism, conflict and contradictions, dialectic thinking,
Materialism, Society, What Capitalism is?, and the critique based on Marx’s work from others. At the end I will come to a conclusion to prove that there are preconditions and contradictions in a capitalist society.

Who is Karl
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In the time Marx lived it was the start and the beginning of the modern world. Industrialization and urbanization was high in England and even where he lived in London. Before his theory and before he was enlightened he saw that the worker class was busy rebelling against the parliament and economic. Unionism started to creep in under the workers class and they decided to put forward a movement against unionism. Marx was the only one that looks futher into the future and that he came to a conclusion that the workers class was the future to the economy. He was also inspired by Hegal. One of his most important books was Das…show more content…
Marxism was a theory of conflict. It was part of the society as a bases and superstructure. It supported capitalism under the concepts of Labour theory of value, exploitation, alienation and class consciousness.

Marxism as a theory of conflict: The conflict that went on was between the working class or
Proletariat and the capitalist or the Boergeoisie on the other hand. The worker class was treated like slaves because the capitalist owned the factories and businesses and used the workers class to do their work for them so that they can be rich and so that they can live in poverty. In other words the capitalist exploited the proletariats in production Marxism was also used as a historical and dialectical materialism. What is Materialism? People had to survive before they could act and have thoughts in a society to make the society a better place. It is opposite to idealism. Idealism is to have ideas before you do anything in the society. Marxism was a base and superstructure in the capitalist society. It implies that there is a relationship between people and the commodities or structures they create. The concept of Labour theory of value was a part of Marxism. Labour was the road to wealth. Labour
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