Examples Of Preconditions And Contradictions Of A Capitalist Society

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Preconditions and Contradictions of a Capitalist Society According to Karl Marx, the revolutionist and sociologist, there are preconditions as well as contradictions in a capitalist society. In this essay there will be the identifying, defining and the discussion of key concepts as discussed in the Tutorials and in the module of the course as Sociology. There will be discussed who Karl Marx was, the influences in his life, the theory he studies named Marxism, conflict and contradictions, dialectic thinking, Materialism, Society, What Capitalism is?, and the critique based on Marx’s work from others. At the end I will come to a conclusion to prove that there are preconditions and contradictions in a capitalist society. Who is Karl Marx? Karl Heinrich Marx was born in a small town in Germany named Trier. He was born on the 5th of May in the year 1818. His second name, Heinrich, was his father’s name and he inherited this name from him. His father was a lawyer And with his wife they had nine children in total. Karl Marx was expelled out of Germany and went to Brussels. After he went to Brussels he decided to go to London where he started his political life in the democratic party and where lived in poverty. In his childhood he and his family lived in difficult times when both his parent died when he was still a teenager. His oldest sister looks after all the children and Marx could have a cheerful and carefree childhood. In the years of 1883 on the age of

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