Examples Of Pregrestion In Huck Finn

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Huck’s Pregrestion

In the novel The adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Huck matures throughout the novel in many different ways. In the beginning Huck makes poor decisions then later in the novel he begins to make better decisions. The reason why Huck starts making these better decisions is because of the people around him that influenced him to be more mature and he needs to make better decisions to be mature.

In the novel, Hucks goal is to mature. Huck begins to make better decisions by apologising after a prank with a rattlesnake. Huck begins his adventure with Jim off by making jokes and pranks on him.First, Huck finds a dead rattlesnake and decides to place it at the end of Jim’s bed. “ Well, by night I forgot all about
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