Stereotypes And Racial Profiling

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Lets imagine two different people, one is a well dressed person and the other is not a well dress person. If both are reading the newspaper, the well dress person might be judged as an intelectual while the one not well dress might be jugded as an unemployee looking for a job. If both are carrying a briefcases, the well dressed person might be jugded as a business man while the other one as a seller. If both are in the police station, society automatically thinks that the well dressed is the complainant and the other one is the offender. Why is this so? We have made a generalization on each case. These are examples of stereotypes which often results from, and leads to, prejudice. As it is shown, prejudice and stereotypes are, one of the biggest…show more content…
I thought that by sitting there I'd be making a racist, anti-white statement" (350). This to me is clearly a product of socialization which can still be found in the southeren regions of the United States. There are still people who think that black people should be with black people and white people should be with white people and they shouldn't interact with each other to a certain extent. In this case, the author wanted to break that social construction by not sitting at the black table being himself black. For example, some families were raised in a household that supported the idea of separation between blacks and whites and this is a belief that has been passed down the generations for many years. People who were raised in this environment have this believe and once they leave the household the idea of interacting with others of similiar characteristics is even more prevelant not necessarily based on racism but simply because people tend to interact with others of similiar characteristics or like quialities, for example in colleges. College is one of the places with many diversities of people. Graham said "during the same time, there were at least two tables of athletes, an Italian table, a Jewish girls' table, a Jewish boys' table (where I usually sat), a table of kids who were into heavy metal music and smoking pot, a…show more content…
Nowdays in an era of technological advancements, such as TV, smartphones, tablets, etc. All of this has made a huge a impact on media, and marketing, and social interactions. In movies, specifically in the genre of comedies, certain stereotypes about races and cultures are exploited for the sole purpose of laughter. There are some truths on which these movies are based on yet they are taken to the expreme and lose a lot of truth as well. For example, the blacks are the ones that can sing and dance, the white girls are the ones that are always drunk and at a party, and the hispanic girls are the ones who are the maids. Even in the current music industry, it is known that the black people sing rap while the whites sing pop or country. People who are constantly watching these shows are subconsciously associating these stereotypes with the types of races that are portrayed. In "The Myth of the Latin Women: I Just Met a girl Named Maria," Cofer said "advertisers have designated "sizzling"and "smoldering" as the adjectives of choice for describing not only the foods but also the women of Latin American" ( 234). TV shows, movies, etc. have been creating the stereotype of the "hot tamale" towards latinas. For example, the TV show Modern Family where one of the main actress, Sofia Vergara, is a latina that portrays the role as the "sexy mama" in the show. This TV show and similar shows

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