Examples Of Prejudice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Prejudice is an unreasonable opinion formed without enough prior knowledge to be fair and completely accurate. This happens in How To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and it takes place in Maycomb, Alabama. This is shown by the jury when Atticus gives more than enough information for Tom Robinson to be innocent. But the jury has a prejudice when it comes to blacks and whites. This is shown when they won let women watch the trail. They believe that all blacks are wrong and all whites are right. But there are a few that do not believe that and know that everyone was created equal. The Cunninghams believe this and that´s why one of them held out as all as they could at the trial. Throughout To Kill a Mockingbird there is a division in the community by race, gender, and class.

To give an example the Cunningham´s poorer than most families in the town. They have more pride than the Ewell's though, because they won't take anything that they can't pay back. ¨Not in money,¨ Atticus said ¨But before the year´s out I´ll have been paid. You watch.¨ (lee 27) To give an example of this on the first day of school one the teachers offered Walter Cunningham a quarter to pay for lunch but he wouldn't take the quarter. To compare to the Ewell's though they are the lowest part of the town. To give an example Mr. Ewell beat his …show more content…

Which should have cleared Tom Robinson immediately, but the jury just ignored it. The jury of maycomb showed this prejudice when Mayella ¨jumped slightly at the question.¨ (lee 246) Prejudice was shown again when Atticus had Mr. Ewell write down his signature on the piece of paper showing that he was left handed and the bruises on Mayella were on the right side of her face. The jury showed racial prejudice at the end of the trial after everything that Atticus help free Tom Robinson all the evidence he gave that Tom Robinson was innocent that found him

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