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Preventive diplomacy has been an effective tool used by both internal and external bodies in conflict resolution. It has registered many successes around the world because it is believed that it is cheaper to prevent any kind of conflict than to intervene. The 1990’s crisis in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf could have been prevented if effective measures were taken in time to prevent it. This brings us to the main focus of the paper: why preventive diplomacy failed to avoid Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1990? And what could be done? Yet the focus here is not on the aftermath of the Gulf war, but understanding the history and the process that led to it. To avoid war; diplomacy is the best way to use in order to stale or even stop conflict among parties.…show more content…
There are many successful examples showing the use of preventive diplomacy. The first case that was involved is in the Republic of Macedonia, where the United Nations Preventive Deployment Force (UNPREDEP) in the years of 1995 – 1999 played a huge role in preventing conflict and violence against civilians. And also a second example work in the case of Iran in developing nuclear weapons, there were many negotiations that took place for the use of nuclear power since 1970’s up till today, and with the use of preventive diplomacy, Iran, the UN and the UN permanent P5+1 were able to negotiate and shift the use for peaceful means. (Starkey, Boyer, Wilkenfeld, & Starkey, 2010) An international and modern method of diplomacy work in favor for states in conducting negotiations and agreements in international affairs, and it is mostly positive if used…show more content…
The use of preventive Diplomacy itself, or diplomacy, in general, is not a realist approach. However, the invasion of Kuwait afterward shows the opposite. The Gulf crisis, for some, can be seen from different angles (depending on what stage). From a realist point of view, there are several indications showing realism as a source of confusion and conflict. For instance, the personality of the political leader Saddam Hussein, in addition to the primacy of the state, state interests, and the distribution of power (military, economic, land, and demographic). Whereas for a liberalism (Idealist), there was a highly successful coalition forcing Iraq out of Kuwait, cooperation and interdependence of states, regional organizations, Intergovernmental organizations, and other factors, such as the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and Arab Summits, in calming the situation and playing as a mediator. On the other hand, for a Constructivist, the (Arab) identity, ideology and the way of thinking, were dominant, and an essential element that affected, in a way, the crisis, for example, the share of common language, tribal relations, security concerns, and finally, resentment towards Israel. (Berridge, 2015) all those factors, with the ineffective usage of diplomacy, led to failures in preventing war to

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