Examples Of Pride In The Tell Tale Heart

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Edgar Allen Poe is considered as a dark, gloomy,and mysterious sorcerer. He knows deeply about human nature. His stories show profound human nature and one of them is pride. A pride is a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction of achievement. Edgar Allen Poe seems to be interested in and enchanted by characters whose overweening pride leads to their downfall.
The first example of an overweening pride in “ The Tell Tale Heart”, the narrator planned cunningly, secretly and sharply to kill the old man. For seven nights, every midnight , he felt like God. He sneaked into the old man’s bedroom. On the seventh night, he killed the old man and hid the corpse in the plank. He thought that his crime was perfect. When the police arrived, he sat on the chair with triumph where the corpse was located underneath. He was confident with what he had done, but he was scared by the unknown
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He hid the corpse of his wife in the brick wall. The police came and searched but, they found nothing. When the police decided to go, the narrator brag and show off with tapping on the wall with his cane that the wall is so strong and put together solidly. Then, he heard a screaming and a wailing voice of a cat and a woman. The corpse of his wife in the wall with his black cat on top of her head was revealed. His pride was deprived.
The last example of an overweening pride in “ The Masque of the Red Death”, the narrator told a story about the Red Death and Prince Prospero. Prince Prospero did not care for his suffering subjects who died from a serious disease called the Red Death. He invited his friends to the castle for a masked ball. Prince Prospero thought that he was immunized to the Red Death that he was free from it. It could not get him death. But, when the Red Death came to the castle, he died because of that. Prince Prospero’s pride was in
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