Seven Step Framework

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In this assignment I will be defining what negotiation is , the different types of negotiation focusing on principled and positional negotiation I will discuss the reasons why firms pursue principled negotiation, to add on I will be evaluating the steps in the seven framework ,I will end with a conclusion.

What is Negotiation?
Negotiation is a ‘’discussion aimed at reaching an agreement’’ it is a form of the communication process between individuals negotiation is intended to reach a agreement or a compromise that will satisfy both parties, in order to negotiate the facts of the situation would need to be examined this allows individuals to see the opposing and common interest of the parties involved .When negotiating each side
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The seven elements of principled negotiation was developed in the book ‘’getting to yes’’ by roger Fisher and William Ury .Fisher and Ury highlighted the benefits of principled negotiation they summed up their approaches which are: interest, people, option, legitimacy/criteria, commitments and communication.

Identifying interests In the book ‘getting to yes’ Fish and Ury the first step in principled negotiation is Identifying interests is to understand that both parties have certain set of interest this is done by collectively identifying the interest, concerns and needs of all relevant parties this is done by sharing and clarifying the respective interests of the parties as opposed to dealing with positions of the negotiating parties. Understanding what the party wants will help eventually help both parties reach a desired outcome. Positions focuses mainly on distributive bargaining , whereas interest focuses on explain peoples positions Effective negotiators need to go beyond positions and satisfy true underlying interest. An example of this would be if we are to have a staff meeting where everyone leaves with a box of chocolates and say there aren’t enough chocolate boxes for everyone leaving two employees in this company wanting the last chocolate box after a staff meeting each employee may maintain the Position that they deserve the last box of chocolate, the employee will then state their underlining reasons for wanting the last box of
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