Examples Of Print Media

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Chapter 5
Print Media
Print media is known to be one of the most effective forms of advertising. According to Chris Joseph (2016), print media is a helpful way in advertising because it has unlimited exposure, advertisements can be seen anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it reaches a wide range of people and so the advertisement can be seen by the target audience. Print media includes newspapers, magazines, brochures, and posters.

Newspaper is known to be the main form of print media. It has a lot of advantages such as large readership and immediacy. Lyceum of the Philippines - Laguna needs this form of media because parents are the secondary target market of the institution and they are the ones who read newspapers often. According to Magid (2011), parents rely on newspaper the most when coping up with daily happenings and news. Thus, they would be able to see LPU-Laguna’s advertisements more often.

A brochure is an advertising tool which contains specific information about a certain brand or product. Aside from the fact that brochures are more budget friendly compared to other advertising tools, its main advantage is that the target consumers can carry it and scan its every fold while walking or traveling. Since brochures require creativity, it would be more appealing to the eyes of the target audience thus, persuading them to read what’s written on it.

Posters are considered to be one of the most traditional yet tried and
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