Examples Of Product Orientation

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Product orientation: Product orientation means a company develops a product according to its resources and then markets it to the customers. The company will make those quality products which top management thinks will earn them huge profit. For that produce those products which are good in quality and have low prices.
Customer Orientation: Customer Orientation means company first researcher about the needs and wants of the customers in market and then try to develop a product which is based on survey taken from the customers according to the needs of different peoples at different levels .In Customer orientation companies involves the customers in developing products through their valuable suggestions.

Pros of Product Orientation:
• A small scale business can get benefit if it selects product oriented business model because product oriented business only focuses on its strengths due to lack of capital the company cannot spent its capital on research regarding needs and wants of the customers in the market. They can make their name in the market by selling quality goods at cheap price.
• You can outsource any of your
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Example of Product oriented Company:
If we talk about the organization who is using product orientation Gillette is a very good example. Gillette started its business in 1902 by making disposable razors since then Gillette has a name in market. Gillette introduced a large range of disposable razors and shaving gels and forms. Gillette was the first company who introduced disposable razors and make the customer realized the importance of its product. Gillette’s main strength is its Product Development and Marketing team who come up with different designs and products and advertisements.
How product orientation helped
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