Examples Of Professional Misconduct

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Topic: Professional Misconduct
Focus: Student Trying To Bribe a Teacher In Order To Pass the Exam

Teacher performance and the teaching and learning process has been greatly influenced by the teacher’s professional misconduct. Despite being in the noble profession, getting through great deal of knowledge, practical and detailed education, few teachers are found to be displaying and practicing unprofessional conduct. “Professionals are bound by the ethical codes of their professions” (Fass, 1986). While there are many types of misconduct that may give rise to a claim, most claims against professionals arise from the way they perform or fail to perform the services they offer. Ethical concerns about teachers and teaching occur in a variety
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This was first incident when someone tried to bribe me, and in this case a student tried to bribe me. I also made the right decision by not accepting the bribe. This experience was also important and valuable as if I did accept the bribe and was caught then my career would have finished in just a while. Through this experience I have learnt that I should never ever take bribe from anyone although they are giving a huge sum or precious gift. Another lesson that I have learnt is that we should not be so close to students as they take advantage for that situation. And we should never take advantage of any situation where we are benefiting by using our position as teachers. The third lesson that I have learnt is that we should always follow our moral values and always make the right decision in our lives. Values are really important in our lives, it helps us to differentiate between what is right and wrong. All these lessons are really important to me as teacher and person as a whole. These lessons develop me holistically and morally in making me a good person in life and become a good role model teacher. I should be ethically and morally influenced to be a good role model. Furthermore these lessons has made me a good teacher who sees all students the same regard less of ethical background, gender…show more content…
We should all follow good moral values and practice that as well. Students follow whatever we do, we should be good role model. If we want to make a good and ethical society, we should teach good moral values to the students. We should also practice what we are teaching; hence this will influence the life of the students as they will be our future leaders. If they are directed in the right direction then our society will have less unethical issues, just as I have discussed in the essay. The student might not have been taught the right values which was why she tried bribing me. I also made the right decision by not taking the bribe. This will also influence the life of student X, as she might not try to bribe anyone else in future. Professional misconduct thus can be reduced or prevented by practicing the knowledge attained through Ethics in Education and as well as strict and fair monitoring by superiors. Despite dissemination of such knowledge, teachers’ still continue to breach the code of conduct and practice many unprofessional conducts. However, surely this course is an eye opener and reminder to the call of us being
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