Professionalism In Early Childhood Education

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This article is a discussion about professionalism in Early Childcare Education. It states in the article, “professionalism refers to the utilization of specialized knowledge that its members need to accomplish specific outcomes.” Also, according to the article, professionalism has been worked on and encouraged more due to the increase in concerns for the quality of child care and childhood education. At the beginning of the writing, it shows an example of two caregivers. One caregiver, Mrs. W, is very social and has a mutual interaction with the children she cares for. The other, Mrs. Y, sits in one spot in the classroom and watches the children closely while also doing her caregiving responsibilities. They compare the two to show the difference …show more content…

The author also believes that solutions are needed to address concerns such as wages and public recognition of caregivers as it is a contribution to the lives of young children and society. The article then goes on to talk about specialized knowledge of children’s development, partnerships with families, and the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is the guidelines that are used by professionals in childcare and education. This is a valuable source for Early Childhood Educators to gain needed knowledge of professionalism. All of these are things that need to be a part of a caregivers care and their professional knowledge. I have learned many things while reading this article. It has not only taught me new things but has also elaborated on certain things that I already have knowledge …show more content…

These things would include the use of anecdotal records, how to better control certain behaviors in the classroom and school, and getting parents to be better involved in the school program to increase the knowledge and quality of the classroom. The anecdotal records with give me a chance to better understand the child as an individual and know what they do best at and what they need to improve on as well. Controlling certain behaviors will allow me to have better class management and less discipline in the classroom. Lastly, getting the parents involved in the program will allow me to improve the program to benefit other teachers and the children, make appropriate and fun activities for the children to enjoy, and improve my knowledge for the

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