Examples Of Professionalism In Medical Assistant

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As a medical assistant I would ensure that the patient understands that this is a judgement free zone. I would also remind the patient that we are professionals and there to help them. Skin disorders are common, and no patient should feel embarrassed in a clinic or hospital setting. It is our job to calm and reassure the patient that we are there to Help. I would speak very calming to help calm the patient down themselves. It is very important that we show compassion and that we empathize with patients. While we do this, it is also important to remember not to pity the patient in any way. Some ways a Medical Assistant can demonstrate professionalism when supporting patients who might be uncomfortable with having their skin examined are using relaxed words, showing gentleness, and making sure that the patient feels home-like at all times. Also, as a Medical Assistant you have to respect a patient’s culture when you’re in care for them ask questions and be prepared if the patient needs someone else present at the time. Another way to show professionalism is making sure all doors and windows are closed in each exam room to have privacy towards the patient. Understanding and following facility’s policies concerning the physician during a skin examination is also very important. The number one professionalism is always having respect not just for the patient but also for the physician and yourself. I personally have sensitive skin. With my skin I have cystic acne, which
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