Pharmacy Course Reflection

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The main objective of this course for the school year was to learn and participate in 6 core components that would help us at students and as future pharmacist: Professionalism, Education, Culture Sensitivity, Self-Awareness, Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
The first core that we have learned is Professionalism to understand and continue develop the values, behaviors, and attitudes expected of and demonstrated by professional. After attended to P1orientation, I got to learn about the six Tenets of Professionalism for pharmacy student and pharmacist. All pharmacy professionals must understand and apply this knowledge throughout practice. I also learned professionalism is play an important role in student life as well as in my future practice. Recently, we had obtained our professional photos; this event reminded me one of the six tenets is “ Professional presence”, which plays an important role in pharmacy. The next core is education, besides our main courses, we also leaned and obtained the CPR certification, APhA Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery, and volunteer to save a
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Leadership plays an important role in Pharmacy, as you know being a pharmacist you have to work as a team. Maybe I are not a leader but understand the role of leader and how to follow your leader has significant impact on my school and future practice. During the P1 year, I participated in the four leadership modules, which I see myself how to become a good leader or a wise follower. My favorite modules were the personal core value and how to manage the clock. After the sessions, I know what value is priority right now, and my priority may change over period of time in my life. The session about managing your time is very helpful, it makes me realized that I never put down or thinking what I do for a day and where my time go. As a pharmacy student, I know that I more busier that is why I have to manage my time more
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