Examples Of Propaganda In 1984

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John F. Kennedy once said,”No matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as the truth.” Just like what John F. Kennedy said, propaganda works when repeated in truth. Propaganda is information used to promote political ideas or governments and is usually biased and misleading. Propaganda is presented throughout the novel 1984 as well as in the country of North Korea. In 1984, their is a leader or dictator called Big Brother. The citizens of Oceania look up to Big Brother as a great person and some even worship him. In addition, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, his father Kim Jong-il, and his grandfather Kim Il-sung are portrayed as a superior leader and is viewed as god-like. Both 1984 and North Korea achieve …show more content…

The North Korean government uses different forms of propaganda to show their citizens the leaders of North Korea are the best of the best. They spread this propaganda everywhere, from their homes to their schools. In North Korea, you can commonly find pictures of North Korean leaders in public or private places,“Every schoolroom, workplace, and home is expected to display on a wall a portrait of kim Jong II next to a portrait of kim II-Sung. Portraits in homes are inspected regularly to ensure that get are clean and in good condition”(Baker). Having these portraits all around North Korea can make people respect their leaders. They must also keep them clean which could be a sign of respect. This makes the citizens look up to their leaders and teaches them to respect them from a young age. This furthers the Kim family regime by getting people to appreciate them, despite their cruel rules. People also try to save these portraits in fires, and these people are put in the news as being heros(Baker). This is misleading because people should be more concerned about their lives in a fire, not a picture of their leader. The North Korean media says things about Kim Jong Un that compliments his family,“Kim II Sung’s grandson and current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, is often referred to as having “a scared bloodline”(Blumberg). The Kim family is highly respected

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