Examples Of Propaganda In 1984 By George Orwell

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Julius Caesar once said, “I do not care if they fear me, so long as they respect me.” In the 1984, by George Orwell, Big Brother adopts this idea. In this novel big Brother is very prevalent throughout every aspect of the book, controlling everything. The idea of Big Brother is illustrated through propaganda, technology, and limiting society's knowledge. Big Brother always makes his presence known through propaganda. The first piece of propaganda introduced in the story is on page 11, book one. It is a poster with the words “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.” There was no way to know whether or not Big Brother was actually watching at that moment. However, through this propaganda he is instilling the thought that he is always there. Much like we are constantly reminded at school that there are cameras watching. One of the most critical pieces of propaganda is the two minutes hate. Big Brother uses this to implement fear in society. On page 45 it says, “The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in.” This is where Big Brother uses people’s fear and hatred to make them trust him. This is similar to the way Donald Trump uses…show more content…
Through technology he can see and hear everything you do. On page 19 it says,“There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork.” He uses the telescreen to see or hear anything said. The telescreen is a harsh reminder that Big Brother is always there. On page 19, it also says, “You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinised” Similar to this, when walking into a store, they show you your reflection in the screen so you know you are being
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