Examples Of Propaganda In 1984

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1984 is a commentary on our society today Propaganda is defined as ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause. In history, this is often used in an effective tool to spread the message of hate. Even today, the world is starting to view the rise of a politician that knows how to use propaganda effectively to build a following. In the novel 1984, the population is forced to watch a video of the opposition and express their hatred for “Two Minutes Hate”. As shown in the past during WWII and even in the US election this year, propaganda and hatred is often used unify a group of people. Hatred and propaganda are used by people to aid the creation of unity in a society. Today, in our society…show more content…
They function by showing their supporters images of the corrupt western world, such as portions of Donald Trump’s videos where he says something that is ignorant or they make promises of a better life, which is undeniably false. In 1984, the narrator states that “there were whispered stories of a terrible book….of which Goldstein with the author” and the narrator also says that THE BOOK was a subject that no Party member would mention. By telling the public that the Big Brother has a book that is terrible book and suggesting that the Party’s totalitarian way is the best way, this makes the population of Oceania believe that this is what’s best for them by using Propaganda. In both examples, these groups use the ignorance of the population in order to fool them out of a democracy and causes people to support the promise of a better life. Unfortunately, this book has been a commentary on our society even before it was written in 1949. In the novel and in our society today, there are people and groups which are trying to take advantage of the average population by using ignorance and fear in order to successfully control a population. These groups use the tactics of propaganda and hatred in order to unify the
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