Examples Of Propaganda In Mass Communication

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Mass Communication. Section: C Assignment 2. Name: Momina Mir. Major: Economics. Semester: One. How Propaganda Is Used To Get Desired Results By Authorities. Analyze Examples From History :- Propaganda in Mass Communication. Propaganda is a method of communication used to influence the opinions of groups to support a particular cause or faith. Over the centuries, propaganda has taken various forms such as artwork, films, debates and different kinds of music, though it 's not limited to only these forms of communication.…show more content…
3. Identification of the propagandist. 4. The constitution of the propaganda organization. 5. The target audience. 6. Media utilization techniques. 7. Special other techniques. 8. The reaction of the audience. 9. Counter propaganda, if present. Examples of Propaganda used in history/ Old times:- The following examples from history show that propaganda was used successfully in those times:- Pisistratus and Methods of affecting Public Opinion. The earliest methods for influencing public opinion are shown by the Greek dictator Pisistratus. In the 6th century BCE Herodotus gives an account of Pisistratus returning to the city heavily injured, both him and his mules. All of them were shouting that they were attacked by his people 's enemies but the truth was that he had imposed those wounds upon himself. He then requested the Athenian people to grant him an honour guard who would protect him from any future attacks. This is known as 'Victim Hegemony ', The plead to people for the correction of a wrong committed on them by others. This influences public opinion by appealing to their moral honesty. Pericles and Emotional

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