Examples Of Propaganda In The Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence was considered a biased propaganda. The reason the Declaration of Independence was considered a bias propaganda were because of the exaggerated statements of the truth. However, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence to notify America and King George III of England about the new freedom of the world. Thomas Jefferson used several examples of propaganda towards King George III in The Declaration of Independence. Jefferson used propaganda against King George III to portray him as a sinful tyranny King who wanted absolute control over each colony. First off, Jefferson stated that King George III “refused his assent to laws the most wholesome and necessary for the public good” King George III refused as well as the governors of England. After the French and Indian War, the colonies grew. When the colonies grew, the population and economy became bigger as well. So, while the population and economy grew, the colonies wanted the permission by Britians to expand more west. However, there wasn’t any harm done about their ideas of expanding west and the laws, but King…show more content…
King George sent agents to report back about the colonies. The agents made reports about the growth in wealth and population and the wonderful breakout of German immigrants. Moreover, King George didn’t want the Germans to enter into the colonies because they had more power of political freedom and he didn’t want the Germans helping. Instead George placed barriers to prevent immigrants from owning
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