Examples Of Prophets Of Prophecy

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Prophets of Prophecy
Of course, all prophets possess the gift of prophecy, but there are those whose anointing will give them a rich ministry in divine utterance. Debra, Hulda, and David had such an anointing.
Prophets of Power
Although New Testament prophets are used primarily in speaking the mind of God, some are graced with great signs and wonders in the Body. Such a prophet will undoubtedly have the gifts of healings, the gift of faith, and the working of miracles in their ministry. Elijah, Elisha, Moses and Aaron were prophets of power.
Priestly Prophet
Ezekiel was a prophet of the ephod. His long hair indicated a Narizite vow, which meant that he was especially set aside for God’s service. His deep behind the veil fellowship allowed him to have visions of God and to know the perversions and idolatrous practices among God’s people. The holiness of God was strongly upheld.
Prophets of Music
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There is nothing gratifying than a prophet on the keyboard, base or drums. They can tap into the anointing that rests upon the speaker, and usher in the glory of God. Gad, Iddo and David were all musical prophets. It is not uncommon for a prophet to turn to a musician and tell them to change the beat, or go into the upper register of the keyboard, because they know what sound will trigger the glory of God. High sounds gains heaven’s appeal and the glory appears. Warfare is established by the high sounds of musical instruments (Psalms

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