Who Is The Antagonist In The Great Gatsby

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The protagonists in this book are Nick, Gatsby and Daisy. Since Nick is the one narrating Gatsby’s story and everyone else, such as Gatsby’s love for Daisy and all kind of obstacles they had to go through, is an example. In the book, the antagonists were Tom Buchanam, because he realised that Daisy (his wife) and Gatsby had an affair behind his back. And in the end of the novel, there was another minor antagonist which is Myrtle 's husband Wilson, who shot Gatsby to death and afterwards himself.
Tom’s treats everyone badly and the cause of it is because he’s arrogant and aggressive. He even treats Myrtle badly whom he had a secret affair with. But the biggest conflict or rather said hatred Tom ever had, was when he got to know about Gatsby’s and Daisy’s secret relationship even though Tom had one himself. There’s even Gatsby’s and Daisy’s relationship, which blossoms throughout the novel till Gatsby realises his “love” for
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And it was boycotting thus illegal marketing with alcohol which gave him a huge success in wealth. Gatsby was madly in love with Daisy, I can understand that. But couldn’t he instead try to win Daisy’s words with poetry or perhaps just get to know Daisy instead for doing that illegal stuff to gain a large amount of wealth and power. Money can’t really buy everything such as love, since it’s a feeling. And Gatsby’s love for Daisy isn’t really love, it’s only another item for Gatsby collection.
The story takes place in New York on Long Island, that has two areas which is East Egg & West Egg. And where it took place was around 1920 since it was a big time of selling alcohol illegally which the novel hinted when we got to know that Gatsby’s wealth is from all illegal marketing and boycotting of alcohol. And in chapter 1 they initiated that Nick would move in New York to learn about bond business and that he bought/hired a house on Long

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