Examples Of Psychoanitarianism In A Hundred Years Of Solitude

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Psychoanalytical: Similarities: Novel 1 and Novel 2: • Psychoanalyst would look at the similarity of how the characters fears drive their actions. • In the novel, Night Circus, a psychoanalyst would see how Celia Bowen becomes mentally influenced by how her father-and-mentor, Prospero the Enchanter sternly prepares her for an important duty that evolves between life and death. • A psychoanalyst would also look at how ‘love’ in the novel can control the characters like Celia and Marco with their decisions which can show the message behind the importance of knowing “what really matters” to each of them. • In the novel, A Hundred Years of Solitude, a psychoanalyst would look at how the characters’ upbringing can affect their lives negatively like how the Buendia family have had lifestyle that are not necessarily well-mannered because in the novel it shows how the men in the family are wild, brothel-goers, as well as coveting their own neighbor’s lovers. This criticism would see how their personalities could affect how they live their lives in an ill-mannered way which in the end could bring about more and more dilemmas like fears, destruction, and death. Differences: NOVEL 1 • A psychoanalyst’s view would be that in The Night Circus, the characters would obviously react differently to a problem their facing than in the novel A Hundred Years of Solitude. • Isobel from The Night Circus expressed hatred towards the love interest between her boyfriend, Marco and his fellow
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