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A psychobiography is based on developmental psychology theories, where the theories are based on an individual’s “self” through the use of psychological theories and research. Psychology shares many of its domain with other branches of science, such as, anatomy, sociology, statistics, and even economy. Literature, which reveals human feelings, emotions and inner life, belongs to them as well. It is not uncommon for a writer to use psychological theories in creating one’s fictional characters. Moreover, it so happens that psychologist, when one wants to prove one’s hypothesis. This essay aims to conduct a psychobiography on my life. In my biography, I amis acquainted with some of Sigmund and Jung’s work and those of other psychologist and that …show more content…

The Id, Ego and Superego make complete sense to any person who might be interests in learning about the Psyche. Freud’s use of the psychoanalytic theory is relevant when explaining my current behaviour in regards to my past experiences that have occurred throughout my lifetime. Freud’s theory does apply to my own life as he made his theory a way to help understand and focus on the behavioural problems of the human being, and to resolve them in a way that forces me to accept my own destructive …show more content…

Greenberg (1986) believes Freud’s case studies do not place enough stress on revealing the outcome of the treatment and that Freud’s aim was more to illustrate his theoretical points (p.240). In cases, Greenberg asserts that many of the presented cases would not even be considered acceptable examples of psychoanalysis and, in short, that virtually all of the cases studies had basic shortcomings (p.240). Furthermore, many other powerful criticisms about Freud inaccurate and subsequently flawed evidence have been published. These critics contend that Freud’s evidence is flawed due to the lack of an experiment, the lack of a control group, and the lack of observations that went unrecorded (Colby, 1960, p.54). In addition, critics find faults with demographically restricted sample of individuals on which Freud based the majority of his data and theory (Holt,1968, p.242).

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