Qualitative Data Analysis Disadvantages

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Qualitative Data Analysis Scholars and analysts have numerous strategies for conducting research. Various methods have different advantages and disadvantages that researchers consider before identifying the most appropriate design. While there are multiple ways of implementing research, quantitative and qualitative methods are arguably the most famous strategies for analysis. This webinar concentrates on qualitative data analysis and sheds light on various aspects including the meaning of qualitative data, the meaning of analysis, the most difficult stages of qualitative research, the major characteristics of analysis process, when data analysis should start and end, the major steps in data analysis and the crucial issues that may…show more content…
Also, he identifies that the arrangement and checking of data allow the researcher to see the styles and determine the subjects in a realistic way. Qualitative research does not prevent the use of numbers. Therefore, data analysis is associated with research questions. Also, qualitative research can be considered as an open research and therefore it can be said that every researcher has his/her own way of analysis. After that, Dr. Rashed illustrates that the most difficult stages of the qualitative research may be related to the researcher’s experience and there are no stable samples for analysis. Then, he shows the features of data analysis which depend on the researcher because it is a personal process. Data analysis starts with collecting data and this is the most important step which may facilitate the process of analysis. It is a growth process since it accepts more than one way. It can also be considered as a deep critical process. This means that a good researcher is the one who continues in analysis until he/she hands his/her final work. After that, he explains when to start and end the analysis. The analysis starts by collecting data, taking notes, asking questions and interviews. This kind of analysis ends with writing a…show more content…
On the other hand, the quantitative research does not require much data because it is restricted to one sample which is known previously. Also, there is an emphasis on reading as an essential skill which may contribute to conduct a good research and it should be followed by coding which means giving a name for every single part that is related to the research questions. The next step will be data coding by using either close or open coding. Data coding is followed by making a list of categories to make similar things together and it is known as thematic analysis. Dr. Rashed asks a useful question which is what makes the analysis difficult? He answers the question by explaining that the misunderstanding of the subject can be considered as one of the issues that may hinder the process of data analysis. He adds another crucial issue which comes from the ambiguity of question as well as the limited sources of data. On the other hand, he identifies the elements of a good analysis which depend on understanding the research question, the presence of enough data, understanding the

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