Examples Of Qualitative Observation

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I’ve decided to use the Qualitative method for my research paper by observing three first grade students from one of the classes in the learning center that I’m currently working at. The students I’ve chosen to observe are 2 girls and 1 boy who are not only the same age but their English speaking ability are more or the less on the same level.
During my first observation time, an interruption accrued in the class time when one the girls, M, insisted that she’s from Newzealand (because of her adoration for her previous NZ English teacher)while making her short speech when rest of the class all know that she’s from China. An argument broken out when S, another girl who’s also on my observation list, corrected M by saying that “no, you are from China. M got very upset and call S a liar. Other kids join in to correct M in a great sense of justice except L, the boy on my list, remained silent and focus on the teacher. M got even more furious and shout back accusing all the kids are lairs. The teacher intervened and remind the class about the rule of no calling names. The class all settle down except M who was obviously still very upset till the end of the class.
I use same questions to interview all three of them individually after the class was over. The questions were:
1.What was the reason for that argument and how
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S simply felt the need to make this correction because we are not suppose to lie. She was only got upset when M refuse to see the truth and call her (S) a liar when M is the liar herself. She was happy again when teacher stops the argument and remind everyone about the rule of no name calling. She went on and participated in the following language learning games and exercise. Besides a few misspelling and a couple of small mistakes with the present continuous, rest of her written exercise shows that she learnt how to use the “do“ and “does” pretty
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