Chicago University Observation

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My fond for University of Chicago started with a feeling which is vague, unreasonable, and “unwipable”.

I did not read things about the university, I watched videos on Youtube instead. I tested my feelings through the way University of Chicago students spoke, expressed their ideas, acted. I looked for the side, unmain parts of a video. For an example, there was an interview of a group of students, and I focused on an Indian girl playing ball behind them. The purpose of my watching these videos in my own eyes was not figuring out a suitable place where I will have a good life quality. I looked for connections, even unclear; a place which lets me open my heart and my mind - a place which lets me open myself. Those videos proved me University
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Unlike any other active city, I do not feel tired when thinking of Chicago city. In contrast, I feel alive. The artistic aspects are what attract me the most. When I was a kid, I used to making up plays with my cousins. Sometimes we were pirates climbing and jumping over house stuffs, sometimes we were ancient Chinese wearing blankets with natural powers. Chicago arises in me that fun again. I do not have strong evidence to show my brilliance at any specific artistic area, just messy dry color jars, messy actings (in my daily behaviors), messy writings. All these messy orientations rarely exclude art, a bit flying, a bit crazy, a bit off the ground. I believe my education in University of Chicago can help me to clarify all this mess (or some mess). Although family money lack caused me to stop following several pursuits, I have to thank this “adversity” for igniting in me the desire to search for more dynamic capabilities of me, and getting strong among purposeless, tottering…show more content…
Going around, reading, writing, screaming, looking for myself. They are real. University of Chicago brings to me a voice, which tells me that I go to America, out of Vietnam, out of these old 5 storage buildings, to look for something else, rather than money, fame, or love. World perspectives. Those I will search for and try to fathom in my entire life. To me, there is no more suitable head start, than University of
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