Examples Of Racial Equality In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Option 1 America will never achieve true racial and social equality.

Throughout American history there has never been a situation where there is true social and racial equality. Whether examples of racial prejudice against African-Americans or even the prejudice against Mexicans and illegal immigrants. These ways are not placed upon oppressing individuals at birth, they are placed among them by members of society and the social norms that are already in place in society. With this statement there will always be racial and social inequalities in society. The pressure of social norms and values of one’s parents create a misunderstanding about what is truly important and this would have to totally change to equalize society in every aspect.
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These same events happening in the novel are unfortunately events that happen in today’s society. When Tom is wrongfully convicted in the novel based on the color of his skin, I compare this to the rising number of black males that are proven innocent and getting released from prison after their original guilty verdict. With advances in the DNA system, the number of murderers being proven innocent has risen, many black males have been able to walk free because of this fact. This statement means one thing, racially biased convictions. These black men, much like Tom, were wrongfully convicted, and I feel that race had something to do with this. One of the biggest racial tensions in the world today is the acts of violence, murder, and racial profiling that are conducted by the members of the police force. Movements such as “Black Lives Matter” and many more have been started to enhance the visualization of the racial problem in the United States. These movements to me symbolize the fact that there will never be equal racial
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