Examples Of Racial Injustice

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Racial injustice is when people are denied rights based on their race and/or racial background. History has shown us that racial injustice has been a huge issue. Racial discrimination has been happening ever since the discovery of America. When Columbus discovered America in the 1500s, the europeans were very racist to the native americans. This was the start of racial discrimination in America that turned into racial injustice. That racism has only gotten stronger through the years. After the civil war ended slavery, many white folks started being really racists to the free blacks. This racial injustice has gotten out of hand and the movie 13th has provided us with the truth that the white men have been trying to hide from us. First, racial injustice has really developed into a worse thing. Numerous black people get sent to jail for crimes they didn’t commit, while crimes white men have committed go unpunished. This shows how messed up our society is. For example, in the case of Kalief Browder , he…show more content…
During the 1800s many white men were really racist and thought that black people were an inferior race. This thinking has still stayed in many people’s minds. Today in the 20th century black people are still subjected to racism because of that factor. Another factor would be that there are many caucasian males in power. Meaning there are numerous caucasian males working in the government. This contributes heavily because majority of them have a say-so in decision making. In the movie it stated “ Richard Nixon persuaded southern men to join the government”(Duvernay, 2016).An example of this would be how Donald Trump is the president. He is a very racist person and this causes racist people to feel better because they have someone in power. This causes more racial injustice and that’s bad. These are the major factors that contribute to the ongoing racial injustice
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