Examples Of Racial Issues In Sports

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There has been racial issues in sport since sport has started. Racial not are just black and white, something the issue may be deeper than that. There could be an issue of gender such as male and female, short and tall, or even who has the more money. Sport has made a broad topic on racial issues and the effect it has on the sport itself.

Sport have been around since the ancient roman times and during these times sports were consider bloody and harsh. Women were not allowed to participate in sport during these times because of the harsh beating and blood that was been shed during the events. I looked at this as a sign of a racial issues as well. Why couldn’t women take part in sport during those times, why did they only allow men to part take in sports?

Another racial issue is high school athletes and their size to be able to play on the college level. Majority of high school athletes want to play the sport they are participating on the college level. Sometimes the athlete does not have the size and or ability that the major schools are looking for. An athlete may have all the ability in the world but maybe undersize, so I big Division 1 school may over look that athlete. This still goes on today, normally every high
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Throughout his Hank Aarons book I Had A Hammer he talked about how his mother and father taught him responsibility and to never settle for anything. Hank made a statement in his book that stated, “They say I’m bitter. They say that I have a chip on my shoulder, that I read racism into every phrase and discrimination into every decision.” Pg. 3 This shows us that people will judge you and think things us you even though people do not know what a person was been through. During this Hank was not on a major league team at the time. He was on a small travel league that did not get paid a lot of money. The team the Hank was a part of only older men on the team and hank was a young
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