Examples Of Racial Stereotypes In Entertainment Media

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The stereotypes of racial and gender is essential in mediation as mass media can use it to create more ‘facts’ to increase their circulation, and stir up discussion. Audiences are easy to spot them in the entertainment media. In the aspect of racial stereotype, countries and racial groups will be represented in certain way which is stereotypical. The media enlarges and exaggerates one characteristic of the targeted group in spite of there are also other characteristics the group of people have. For example, certain types of people can only acting in certain type of characters in the entertainment media most of the time. For example, Latinos are usually addressed as domestic helpers instead of other job types (Nadra 2017). Such as the television series, Devious Maid, as the same as the show name shows to audiences, the main role is maid who is Latino. The Latino stereotype occurs may because of many migrants from the Latin America would end up being domestic helpers or getting other low education jobs in the past. So that, to many Americans, Latinos will be seen as a group of people who are domestic helpers even though some of the Latinos are highly educated and get high education jobs, and so the entertainment media take this stereotype as an element of story and perpetuate it. The stereotype of Chinese is another example. Nowadays, rich Chinese like to travel around the world to buy luxuries, a television show, Inbound Troubles, illustrates the situation. However in fact,
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