Examples Of Racism In 1930s America

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Racism in Alabama in the 1930s was commonplace in a small town such as Monroeville where Harper Lee grew up.Most of the characters were alike to her own family. Like in the book Harper's father was a lawyer like Atticus and they did have a house maid like Calpurnia as well. African americans were treated like 3rd class citizens. They were treated like slaves for white people, they were kept under white social and economical control.Due to the fact that the south had lost the civil war the african american people in the south were treated worse than those in the north.I think that racism is important to learn about because it is still a huge part of society today. Today racism is unfortunately for still happening and directed towards all races unlike back then when it was more towards african americans.…show more content…
A wave of violent racial confrontations began to emerge in the 1920s, beginning one of the most socially turbulent times in America's history.The importance of learning about racism is that it's still happening all around us even though much has changed within time racism hasn’t ceased to exist we still have prejudices about certain people. Back then racism was seen as normal.I think that we are not born with prejudices or born racist we learn it from our parents and relatives ,from the media and from our surroundings
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