Examples Of Racism In Eastside High School

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Racism in Eastside High School There are many discriminated schools in the world to this day, most of them having to take place in the lower income areas. While in Eastside High School, in the movie Lean On Me didn’t seem like one of those trashy High Schools with a poor foundation of people. Yes, there were many students in their that weren’t the richest, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that before Mr. Clark had left the school, Eastside High was very mature and clean. Students aren’t taught bad things on their own. Lack of parenting is the reason kids are being stereotyped and shunned on for their race. Parents don’t know how to properly teach their kids right from wrong, which is causing such discrimination and stereotypes. During the movie, we can see that before Mr. Clark had even left the school it was a pretty decent school, nothing too bad about it. Yes, of course it had a few bad people but no school is filled with amazing people. There was a great deal of balance in this school. Then Mr. Clark had quit and the whole school and everyone in it went downhill. A lot of the students within the school were dealing drugs as well as doing drugs, and a lot of people within the school have also started forgetting about their education and saw school as merely a place to…show more content…
These stereotypical thoughts and sayings, started to come to life. People started to take these stereotypical sentences, and punish the people who were saying them, making the situation at hand worse. The parents were shunned upon by the community for not taking care of their children as well as socially profiled. Many of these parents and kids had finally lost all hope in their generation and ended up not caring about what their kids were doing or how they were doing in school, and just let the discrimination come
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