Examples Of Discrimination In Sports

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2. Different grounds of discrimination:

‘’Racism in Sports Comes in Many Forms, Must Be Fought with Gestures Big and Small’. - Dan Levy, National Lead Writer.

2.1 Racism

You wouldn’t be wrong if you were to say that racism is a major issue in the world today. Racism is a complex issue which occurs at many different levels. Sport is perfect and prime example to show where racism is present the most. It is happening more often and becoming a bigger issue in sport sector. They are carrying out rules which should and will diminish the occurrences of racism within the leagues. However many people and players feel as though the leagues and associations are only making the problem bigger and worse when trying to deal with it. However when we look at the whole picture we see how the leagues feel as though they have to do something since it is definitely not the image that they want to convey to a youthful society as role models.
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Knowledge of the law.

How can discrimination in sport happen?

It might happen that sports trainer does not allow you to play because you have serious disease. It can also happen if a coach doesn’t want you in his team because of your racial features. And finally, it can happen that coach is excluding you from a sporting activity simply because you are homosexual or bisexual.

When is discrimination permitted?

Discrimination is allowed when it is obvious that a person cannot compete in sports successfully and show even most basic results. Following, discriminating against someone is also allowed whenever person does not have strength, be it physical or intellectual, to take part in specific sport he had chosen. It can also happen and will be allowed when the age group of a person who wants to participate and the age group of the sport don’t correspond. And finally, it can happen because of sex of the person, when strength, stamina or physique is relevant in sport. So far those are the only cases I know of, when discrimination is
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