A Brief Note On Thomas Jefferson Racism

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Bernard Guillen History 20 Thomas Jefferson Racism Thomas Jefferson was President of United State, before the American Revolution he was governor of Virginia and run the office for years, he was vice president under John Adam. He spoke to the people of how he wanted to become President and how his experience can benefit America for a better future. Jefferson owns a lot of slaves after his father died, he inherited them, along with his other brothers. Slavery was always a concern to Jefferson throughout his life, he really didn’t know if he like slavery or not, as president he wanted to free the slave. However, he believes that black was inferior to white, also he had too many slaves that basically help with everything he had, with hard labor. …show more content…

Which within the constitution it stated that “all men are created equal”? Within the article, “Thomas Jefferson Racism”, it talks about the difference between black and white, how physical appearance is different, same goes for education, and life condition. Within the first to the second page, he talks about the physical appearance about black, how their skin is like scarf skin and hair are different from white. Jefferson said slave was basically like a domestic animal that was strong but treated like one. This was a clear insult to the slave because they were working like an animal, however, there were strong like one, but will you really treat a human this way. Throughout the article, he justified that African men were basic savage in Africa with a native way that brought to the nomad age and when American troops brought them to America, some were born here, to become the property of a slave owner. During this time of age, it was considered right, even if it wasn’t. …show more content…

As men opposed to this idea, he let the idea aside for future generation. At the end of his era, mostly his life, he signs his will and frees the slave as he promises within his life, well not really. The slave that was supposed to be free by the order of Jefferson wife, but they were sold after his death, along with his mansion and land were sold at an auction to another slave owner. It true that Jefferson didn’t give slave any sort of right, not even voting, but that because he didn’t want to lose his slave, as his slave was basically his lifestyle. If he would give slave right, then they would rise and end slavery during that time, which would be good, but a lot of white men that were under a lot of power would disagree. So, Thomas Jefferson was an open-minded person, that he wanted to see it for himself about the life of a slave was, yes it true that he had racist belief, but I wouldn’t call him a racist per say. I would call him as an individual open-minded person that agree with the people but in his own way, basically he makes racist comment, but his action give the slave a chance of freedom, even if it means death, along with the thousands of another slave until the civil war, and some slave from that time weren’t free or have equal right, however, they did get to vote. Before Jefferson death he free few

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